Robert Maltbie

General Partner, Managing Director, and Portfolio Manager

Robert Maltbie Jr., CFA is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Millennium Asset Management, and Founder of Singular Research. Robert has over 30 years of experience in money management. Singular Research has over 100 institutional research clients with more than $50 billion in asset under management.

Frequently recognized for cutting edge research from starmine. Singular Research was one of the first research firms to call the financial meltdown in 2008.

Major Market Calls:

BARRON’S Q&A 2 Unloved Stocks to Buy And 3 To Dump (or Short)

Robert Maltbie of Singular Research Shorts Financials right before the crash…

Robert Maltbie warns of massive collapse in Financials in Forbes on 11/14/07

Robert call Tarp bailout a ripoff of taxpayer funds on Fox

Robert shorts Moody’s citing conflicts of interest exposure from subprime crash

First Analyst to make the call to short Facebook stock on May 18th, 2012…

Face book traded down to $15-16 from $38 before finally gong higher

Robert recommends Google Nov 2004 on Bloomberg TV4 @ $179, now $1100 2018

Robert Maltbie of Singular Research schools Erin Burnett of CNBC/CNN, on her first interview…

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