Santa vs Yellen

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Season’s Greetings from Millennium Asset Management

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New Report on Smith & Wesson

Millennium Asset Management has just published a new Long & Short Investment Report on Smith & Wesson as Premium Content.   Registration is required to access Premium Content. Registered Users can login and then view the report in … [Continue reading]

The Ideology of the Islamic State | Brookings Institution

From Paper State to CaliphateWhile the Islamic State dominates headlines through its brutal tactics and pervasive propaganda, there is little awareness of the unique ideology driving the group's strategy. Drawing from private correspondence, … [Continue reading]

Maltbie’s Minute on the Market / Earnings Season and the Fed Trick or Treat?

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New Technical Research Suggests Significant Rally Ahead

Millennium Asset Management Market Rally 2015 v4

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Why To Hold Cash And Sell Tesla Short

Robert Maltbie,CONTRIBUTOR, The Long: Cash That’s right. My market view tells me that sitting in cash is is the best long idea at the moment. I prefer to allow markets to grope for a bottom, and wait for the Fed to do its thing. Let … [Continue reading]

What to Expect from Earnings Season

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The Fragile State of the Micro & Small Cap Markets

Robert Maltbie, President of Singular Research keynotes Stars Conference June 10, 2015 "The Fragile State of the Micro & Small Cap Markets."   … [Continue reading]

Going Long On Noah, Short On Chuck

Here is a pair of stocks, one that I recommend investors go long on, and the other that they should short. Long: Noah Holdings Ltd. (NOAH) Current price: $34.09 12-month target: $42 … [Continue reading]

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