New Report on Seabridge Gold

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Millennium Long & Short : Seabridge Gold & GoDaddy

Long & Short

Long:Long : Seabridge Gold Inc. (SA)

Short: Go Daddy Inc. (GDDY)

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Going Long On Noah, Short On Chuck

Here is a pair of stocks, one that I recommend investors go long on, and the other that they should short.

Long: Noah Holdings Ltd. (NOAH)
Current price: $34.09
12-month target: $42 [Read more…]

Bull And Bear: Long Aceto, Short Vulcan

In this report I select a pair of stocks, one I recommend investors go long on and the other that they should short.

The Long: Aceto Corp. (ACET)

Current price: $21.30

12-month target price: $27

Aceto Corp. is a global leader in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients; finished dosage form generics; nutraceutical products; agricultural protection products and specialty chemicals. With operations in ten countries, it distributes more than 1,100 chemical compounds used as finished products or raw materials. [Read more…]

Robert Maltbie Jr. on Why To Sell Solar City And Buy Ball Bearings

The Long: NN; 12-month target price: $37

NN manufactures precision metal bearing components, precision metal components, and industrial plastic and rubber products for a number of global markets. The company has 10 manufacturing plants in the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and China. [Read more…]