Forbes: Why New York Times Should Be An $8 Stock

Why New York Times Should Be An $8 Stock

Robert Maltbie , Contributor : Forbes

Robert Maltbie reccommends Short NYT in Forbes 2017

Page one of The New York times features president-elect Donald Trump’s victory, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The print news industry is on the endangered species list with diminishing cash flow, a natural progression of tech obsolescence. [Read more…]

Most Predictive Market indicator vs. Trump effect…WHO WINS?

Deja Vu and Searching for Black Swans and Stock of the Month

Season’s Greetings from Millennium Asset Management

Forbes Report Oct. 2015

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Why To Hold Cash And Sell Tesla Short

The Long: Cash

That’s right. My market view tells me that sitting in cash is is the best long idea at the moment. I prefer to allow markets to grope for a bottom, and wait for the Fed to do its thing. Let equity mutual funds sell their losers, which is nearly everything at this point year-to-date. Let’s wait for this terrible tape to play out, and for key technical indicators such as breadth, upside volume and the net advance/decline lines to improve.

The Short: Tesla Motors TSLA +1.19%

12-month target price: $202

A time-revered Wall Street adage to know the difference between a great stock and a great company comes to mind in the case of Tesla. It may seem injudicious to bet against the smartest guy in the world who’s advancing a great and hopeful idea, backed by the biggest investment banks and some heavy governmental support, but the mountain of expectations seems too steep to scale with the stock at current prices.

 Analyst Adam Jonas at Morgan Stanley MS +0.00%, a leading Tesla banker, last month increased his price target on Tesla to $465 from $280. This, of course, was issued almost concurrently with a just-completed $750 billion equity offering. They expect Tesla to need another $15 billion to finance its growth for the next five years.

Source: Why To Hold Cash And Sell Tesla Short – Forbes

Going Long On Noah, Short On Chuck

Here is a pair of stocks, one that I recommend investors go long on, and the other that they should short.

Long: Noah Holdings Ltd. (NOAH)
Current price: $34.09
12-month target: $42 [Read more…]

Bull And Bear: Long Aceto, Short Vulcan

In this report I select a pair of stocks, one I recommend investors go long on and the other that they should short.

The Long: Aceto Corp. (ACET)

Current price: $21.30

12-month target price: $27

Aceto Corp. is a global leader in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients; finished dosage form generics; nutraceutical products; agricultural protection products and specialty chemicals. With operations in ten countries, it distributes more than 1,100 chemical compounds used as finished products or raw materials. [Read more…]

Robert Maltbie of Millennium With Maltbie’s Minute on the Market

Bulls take charge, our indicators turn bullish. Liquidity, earnings and technical indicators lead the way.

Robert Maltbie of Millennium Asset Management at OPAL Napa Summit Oct 2014